Go for the Gold:


Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini, the founder of America’s largest business coaching company, has always believed in the potential for improvement—in businesses, in people, and in lives. His impactful approach has indeed made things better, helping millions through Buffini & Company.


Renowned as one of the world’s most engaging and influential public speakers, Brian has had the privilege of interviewing various individuals, ranging from astronauts and athletes to Oscar winners and Olympians.


A New York Times bestselling author, Brian has been honorably inducted into the RISMedia Real Estate Hall of Fame. His driving forces are the entrepreneurial spirit and a profound dedication to helping people realize their own versions of the good life.”

Mike Eruzione

Mike Eruzione, captain of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, led the team to a historic Gold Medal victory, scoring the winning goal against the Soviet Union.


A native of Massachusetts and a Boston University alumnus, he excelled in hockey, later becoming a respected sports commentator and motivational speaker. Mike has been honored with numerous accolades, including induction into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. His remarkable Olympic victory was celebrated as Sports Illustrated’s #1 Sports Moment of the Century.


Currently, Mike is the Director of Special Outreach at Boston University and actively participates in various charitable endeavors.

Joe Rand

Joe Rand is chief creative officer at Howard Hanna | Rand Realty. A writer at heart, he is the author of “Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters,” which discusses how the industry can overcome challenges posed by disruption, and “How to be a Great Real Estate Agent,” covering how agents can build their business by identifying and servicing client needs. Learn more at JoeRand.com.

Jon Colby

International speaker Jon Colby has been empowering people for over 25 years. His engaging, interactive approach has successfully helped audiences across the globe to be better communicators, leaders, teammates, salespeople, friends, and family members.

As a graduate from the world-famous Second City Conservatory and an educator with over 15 years of classroom experience, he has kept audiences laughing while sharing practical knowledge that they can put to use right away. He doesn’t simply talk at the audience, he involves every member in an interactive session full of content that sticks.

Jon always delivers customized content whether he’s working with a Fortune 100 company, an association, or a nonprofit. His clients include American Express, Honda, Salesforce, One America, Charles Schwab, the NCAA, and the YMCA.

Jared James

Jared James is a renowned real estate influencer, celebrated for his practical advice and motivational guidance on various platforms, including his popular podcast “Today with Jared James.”


A successful entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Jared has founded multiple companies, including Jared James Enterprises, a prominent North American coaching company. With a rich background as a top Realtor, Jared doesn’t just preach success; he has lived it, earning notable recognitions such as Realtor Magazine’s “30 under 30.” Jared’s impactful communication has established him as a global speaker and a powerful industry influencer, recognized by RISMedia and the Swanepoel Power 200 list.

Terry Watson

Terry Watson is an internationally acclaimed Consumer Behavior Expert who helps businesses and organizations discover how to design a Customer Experience that creates raving fans and obscene profits! Terry has been one of the most popular and most hired professional speakers on the planet for the past 20 years. He has spoken in every U.S. state, as well as abroad and has presented to live, televised audiences as large as 80,000. Terry was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, from the National Speakers Association®. Recently, Terry also earned Accredited Speaker status from Toastmasters International.

Michael Walker

Mike brings a wealth of experience with over 21 years in the real estate industry, previously serving as the CEO and National Director of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. He has been an influential consultant for major US real estate groups, advising multiple national brands since 2009 and working with over 10,000 agents across 31 states. Mike has also contributed as a negotiation consultant for the City of Philadelphia and is a regular contributor to the curriculum of various universities and educational institutes.

Dan Elzer

Dan is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and consultant with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is known for being direct and skilled at cutting through the noise and challenges of any market. Dan has created and delivered leadership, management and sales performance programs designed for all sizes of organizations, including many national and international real estate brands. His approach in delivering dynamic, actionable content gives organizations what they need to solve challenges and confidently prepare for the future.

Marki Lemons

Marki Lemons Ryhal is a highly sought-after professional keynote speaker, with over 100 classes approved for continuing education by state licensing bodies and taught in 46 states. She is known for her candid, engaging, and relevant approach to teaching real estate professionals. Her new classes on AI and ChatGPT are designed to help real estate professionals stay ahead of the curve and improve their business practices while increasing their ROTI (return on time invested).